It always makes me a little teary to see poppy wreathes on War Memorials.  “Lest we Forget” is a familiar phrase but the reality is that I don’t remember as often as I should the great sacrifices made to allow me the freedoms that I have. Remembrance Day took on a new level of meaning a number of years ago when one of my childhood friends joined the Canadian Army and once his training was completed he was stationed in Afghanistan. Military work felt very real to me while he was overseas. Conversations about war, peacekeeping, soldiers, and sacrifice took on a whole new meaning and had an immediacy that I’d never experienced before. International conflict and army efforts had been something from my Grandparents’ generation and moments from history to reflect upon. Now it was personal, current, and front of my mind. Thankfully my friend returned from his tours but he carries with him some significant losses from his time overseas. He mentioned a few times how valuable notes and emails were when he was on active duty. Those moments of connection were of great comfort. He also noted how challenging it was to have had the experiences he did while in Afghanistan and to feel heard, appreciated, and understood. 

Our charity of the month is Veterans Voices of Canada. I think this charity is doing a beautiful job of ensuring that military member’s stories are heard and that their part in history is recorded. If you haven’t done so already please visit our social media sites to enter our draw for 4 different baskets to bless Veterans or Military Members in your life.  

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