Shopping local has been on the radar in a different way for many of us over the past year. My Mom has been involved in selling her baking at Fruit Stands or Farmer’s Markets for most of my life. My first childhood jobs were at markets in B.C. and then Calgary and Millarville in my teen years. I have always enjoyed wandering the markets taking a look at all the locally made goods. I was inspired back then and my fascination with local products continues to this day! 

When you purchase from The Gift Designers you are supporting a local business and in turn the employees who work to meet the needs of our guests. The bigger picture is staggering though. The Gift Designers currently features products from over 30 local businesses.  What do we consider local you might ask?  We consider local to be Alberta made.  We have many more vendors that we rely on that might package locally or be Canadian made. 

At The Gift Designers we have built relationships with business owners, tried out their wares, and are thrilled to promote them in our baskets! We love high quality items, especially if they are hand crafted, and we enthusiastically partner with companies who share our vision for being go givers! 

There is a heartfelt pride in seeing small businesses bloom and supporting entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams. The growth we’ve been blessed with over the years is because of the wonderful community “partnering” with The Gift Designers. The more we can pay it forward and see other neighboring businesses thrive the better! 


We are proud to feature these local Alberta companies in our gifts: 

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