Do you know anyone who has a gratitude journal? What are the best examples of thankfulness that you’ve seen lived out?  

I had a mentor who wouldn’t eat anything until they had completed their daily time of gratitude. They were so committed to setting this tone for their life that they wouldn’t consume any food until this act was checked off of their list. Not eating until they had stopped to be grateful?! That seemed crazy but I also recognized that this person was one of the more generous people I’d ever met. They spent so much time focusing on their blessings that they were quick to bless, encourage, and help out others. Starting their day being thankful set the course for their day! 

So many healthy behaviors take discipline to ensure that they are not neglected. I don’t always view thankfulness as a discipline! I’m sure it comes more naturally to some but for me it’s an attitude I have to consciously work towards. I know that my ability to be thankful directly impacts my capacity to give to and connect with others. An attitude of thanksgiving can’t just be reserved for one weekend a year or special holidays. To truly live a life of gratitude it is necessary for this to be a daily habit. Perhaps journaling isn’t for you so I’ve included a link with 40 simple ways to practice gratitude. 

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Happy Thanksgiving from Designer Courtney