Sangria holds a special place in our hearts and a special place in history dating all the way back to 200 B.C when the Romans were enjoying the pleasures of red wine from Spain. After more than a century later, sangria began to emerge as a popular drink all over Europe, specifically when made with French Bourdeaux (writer’s favorite red! 😊)

Sangria makes a lovely holiday beverage, served hot or cold and here is your friendly list of essentials:

Wine – go with red for a more traditional or festive vibe!

Fruit – use citrus as your base (orange, lemon, etc.). The addition of cherries and perhaps a handful or cranberries adds a beautiful festive look.

Brandy – adds hints of sweetness and baking spices.

Spices – cinnamon would be the traditional staple however feel free to choose whatever spices pair well with whatever goodies you have on deck for the holidays.

Fruit Juice – sparkling apple juice, or even sparking cranberry-apple juice are an excellent addition!

Sugar – used to elevate the flavour of the citrus. You don’t want your sangria too sweet, but you most certainly don’t want it to be tart either.

Tip for hot: dump all of your choice ingredients into the slow cooker and set on high for an hour. Don’t forget the cinnamon sticks and the orange peel to make it look fancy! This one is like a warm hug from the inside 😊

As always, we want to continue to encourage you to enjoy the holidays! Spend time with your friends and loved ones by creating an atmosphere of love and laughter around you. Always exercise discretion and sound judgement when indulging in any spiked beverage. We want to keep you safe, happy, and healthy so we can do this all again next year!

Happy National Sangria Day everyone!!