The holiday season is ever-so near, and the gift-giving blitz is almost here!

When giving to your clients, partners and vendors at this busy time of year, how do you get noticed amongst all of the other gifts they receive?

Do you send it to an individual or the office in general?

Does the type of gift you choose make the impact and impression that you want?

We want to help you stand out and get noticed with your gifting strategy this year!  Here’s our secret tips to help you get started:

1. Send your gift earlier.

Be the first one to make an impression, and send your gift as early as the end of November. This means having your ducks lined up waaaay beforehand, like in October or as soon as you can.

2. Do your research.

Don’t just send to the company office in general; find out the specific person you want to receive the gift. And then check to make sure that person has permission to receive such gifts (i.e. some offices won’t allow alcohol, and some companies aren’t even allowed to receive gifts)

3. Don’t cheap out on quality food.

Since most people will be handing out inexpensive boxes of chocolates, this is your chance to go for quality on the edibles! Food draws people together with sweet and savoury shareables, and great wine, and they DO notice when it’s quality product. So spend a little extra to make an impression; you can cheap out when you buy for yourself!

4. Give something that will last.

For the office, consider adding something that will last longer than food – such as small useful promotional items (pens, mugs, keychains, etc). And if you’re gifting to an individual or family home, consider a cheeseboard , wine aerator, tea infuser, etc. To stay top of mind, find a quality promotional product that will remind them of you every time they go to use it!

5. Personalize it.

Find out if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions, or if they prefer red or white wine. A handwritten card always makes the best statement, but if you’re unable to do that, then at least personalize the printed message on the card so that it’s not just your generic “Happy Holidays”. Express your sentiments based on your relationship with your client or what you’d like that relationship to look like in the New Year!

Whatever you end up doing, remember that this year-end gift is only one of many touch-points that you want to continuously make with your clients and vendors/suppliers. It’s all about letting them know that you value them and appreciate their relationship with you. Happy Holiday gifting!

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– The Gift Designers’ Team