My niece and nephew shriek with joy at the sight of all of the lights this time of the year! They cannot contain their excitement! It has very little to do with how ornate the lights are or the quantity displayed. Just a few lights draped around a tree or a yard full to the brim ….it makes little difference to the intensity of their response. Their thrill is tangible and contagious! 

I commented to friends this morning that it feels like I’m walking my dog “twice a night” instead of twice a day. My 6am walk is in the dark and my evening walk is as well. Winter has a way of making me feel a bit nocturnal with our short daylight hours and my much longer to do list. You just can’t fit everything in to the hours when the sun is up so you’re guaranteed to be completing a portion of daily life in the dark. 

I’ve been gleaning some joy off of the sight of the lights in my neighbourhood. I may be walking around in the dark but I’m soaking up the cheer that these lights bring and the welcomed comradery of neighbours who also are bundled up and chatting while the off-leash pups tear around together.  

We do our best at The Gift Designers to spread joy and connect with people. I want to encourage you that it is often the little things that make someone’s day. Perhaps it’s your home strung with lights, touching base with a neighbour, sweeping snow off of someone else’s car, making an extra batch of cookies to share, a thoughtful note or a meaningful gift can all spread a little light and brighten up a day!  

Let’s end 2021 focused on ways that we can tangibly encourage people and fill up their days with memorable moments!

Share with us how you are spreading joy this year,

Designer Courtney