Train Your Team in Sales and Service

Strategy #5: Train Your Team in Sales and Service

I mean by sales and service professionals. Not just the way you’ve always done it. We can’t have product pushers, over-sellers, order takers, or anything other than dedicated SOLUTION PROVIDERS. Solution providers that really listen, consult and advise with the customer. Be a resource that they would never dare to be without.

Everyone on your team, regardless of their title, is fully responsible for sales. The Gift Designers is currently engaged with Business Edge Coaching, who have created a training program for our team so we are properly educated on how to advise and care for our guests during the entire sales process. Third party resources can be costly, but if you can choose an external coach who understands the processes and culture of your business, what changes you are wanting to make, and your company’s short and long term goals, the experience that they offer can instill fundamental sales competencies and increase productivity among your team.

Additionally, an external facilitator is an unbiased and neutral resource who can offer a formal or informal setting with no distractions, and create an open setting where your group can feel comfortable asking questions to obtain objective feedback. Because the facilitator is not working within the team and culture, they are unaffected by the on goings of inner culture and organization politics, and can more easily identify hidden issues that play a crucial part to improve team performance.

– The Gift Designers Team