Get Real Feedback

Receive objective feedback from a third-party expert in executing customer interviews. The investment of hiring a third-party expert impresses the majority of customers, and gives you critical insight and information that will lead your customers to becoming happier than ever before.

Only 4% of dissatisfied customers will actually complain. Does your customer feedback program enable you to identify what creates a Satisfied Customer? Or to probe why up to 96% of your non-complaining customers might be dissatisfied? Your customer feedback should include effective questions and actionable data regarding customer satisfaction.

If you want high quality feedback from your customers, get it from a 3rd party expert in doing customer interviews. According to Calgary-based Client Insight Inc., this is an investment in three crucial steps for your company, to: Listen, Measure, Improve.

Third party interviews provide the opportunity to listen to your customers to learn what is working and what is not working for them. Second, this kind of customer feedback provides a way to measure your Net Promoter Score (NPS) with your customers. Do they refer your company to other potential customers? Why or why not?  Finally, quality customer feedback provides you with insights to improve your company’s customer service, your company’s products or services, and your sales process.

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  • Contributed by Client Insight Inc., Calgary, AB