Effective Tuesday Oct 12th we are now at 5718 Burbank Crescent SE.

We are settling in, but catching up.

DELIVERY SCHEDULE: our next available delivery day is Tuesday Oct 19th


Designer & d.lish Supervisor

Bio: I am loyal and caring (or at least that is what my friends say). My role at TGD is the Ambassador, Jr. Designer, d.lish Manager…I wear a lot of hats here. What I value most about my job is the flexibility that I get and the versatility of the different roles. What I have learned from working here is that practice works! What is most important to me is being a good role model for my daughters and setting a good example. When I leave here at the end of the day, I get to go home to my mom duties, and then I like to relax with a movie night in my pjs.
Advice: Love yourself before others.

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