Effective Tuesday Oct 12th we are now at 5718 Burbank Crescent SE.

We are settling in, but catching up.

DELIVERY SCHEDULE: our next available delivery day is Tuesday Oct 19th


Owner & Chief Designer

Bio: I am the Owner and Chief Designer of The Gift Designers. I started this company in 2002, but I feel I have been at it since the beginning of time. TGD was started not to provide gifts, but to help create experiences that make lasting memories. There is a great deal of personal satisfaction in helping our guests create & build memories and strengthen relationships.  On a typical day, I can be found at the shop doing many different tasks, however, at home, I’m usually spending some downtime with my husband and/or close friends. I love good food, good wine and good company. Those nights are often accompanied by salty treats. My guilty pleasure is potato chips, and I can admit I can often be found eating an entire bag!


My Purpose: Love God. Love Others.

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