With Father’s Day around the corner, your first thought is probably the good ol’ breakfast in bed and get him a nice tie. Nothing wrong with that, but how about making this year’s Father’s Day extra special with these tips:

  • Let him do what he wants.

    No pressure, no strings att No deadlines and no having to fix anything. Give him space to sleep in, chill and do something he really enjoys! (AKA you don’t have to plan everything down to the last minute!)

  • Spend quality time together.

    Have fun as a whole family, whether it’s an activity like go-karting, fishing, beer-tasting, camping, seeing a movie, BBQing, or playing ball in a park… meaningful family experiences are ones that he will always truly appreciate.

  • Express how much he means to you.

    Say it with a big hug, write a thank-you letter from the heart, maybe even make a short family video of all the things you appreciate and love about him. Fathers appreciate being appreciated!

  • Encourage his passions.

    Pay attention to what he loves to do outside of his job, and what makes him light up. What hobbies and interests can you encourage in his life? Guitar lessons, golfing, photography lessons, sporting events, mixing whisky cocktails, axe-throwing, or movie-going… and if he doesn’t have a current passion, give him something new to try!

  • Involve the little ones.

    Set up a craft station and help the kiddos make homemade cards, artwork, or whatever their heart desires to give to dad!

Enjoy the time spent with your family on this Father’s Day, and may there be lots of smiles, fun, and memorable moments!

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– The Gift Designers Team