Thanks Writing Cards

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to write cards for the special people in your life. These opportunities include birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Writing a card can be a way for the recipient to remember you for years to come.

Taking the time to send thoughtful cards will confirm the importance of the relationship. Writing a card is a great way to strengthen friendships, marriages or even business clients. This is a tried and true tradition that will never go out of style. The practice of writing cards is even more appreciated in a time of convenience where anyone can contact each other through social media in an instant.

3 Tips on Writing a Good Card

  1. Watch what you are writing.

Make sure everything is spelled correctly and reads smoothly. You don’t want your card to lose the meaning you intended or have your recipient think you rushed their card. It is critical to plan out what you want to say and make sure to check the spelling. Handwritten cards can be a little harder to plan, but it is better off to avoid any embarrassing typos.

  1. Make it personal.

Take the time to make your message personal.  It will go that much further with your recipient. Think about the relationship you have with them and why they are special to you. It doesn’t have to be in strenuous detail, but make sure your card resonates with the recipient.

  1. Make sure you have nice handwriting or pick a legible font.

There is nothing worse than the frustration of straining to read a card. If your recipients can’t read your writing, the message will be lost in the presentation. You put a lot of effort into the card, so you don’t want it to be a waste of time just because of something so simple as legibility. Write in a nice crisp pen, black and blue ink is the most readable colour, but this will depend on the background colour of your card.

Follow some of these simple tips and your cards will come out a success. If you show the people you care about that they are top of your mind, you’ll be top of theirs. If you are looking for something extra to boost the presentation for the card, check out HERE.