Tips on Writing a Good Greeting Card

We have so many occasions where note cards are used. We send greeting cards during the Holidays, to say thank you, happy birthday and even sympathy. But one of the biggest days for greeting cards is Valentine’s Day. In elementary school your mom went and bought your Valentine’s cards for you to pass out.  Now you’re older, and you get to choose who you send cards to. In our business, we see a lot of different types of cards, and we felt this was a good time of year to talk about tips on writing a good greeting card.

5 Tips on Writing a Good Greeting Card

Watch what you are writing.

Especially if you are writing to a business client, you want to make sure everything is spelled correctly. Plan out what you want to say and make sure you check your spelling. Handwritten cards can be a little harder to plan, but you will be better off to avoid any embarrassing typos.

Make it personal.

When writing in bulk, it can be hard to personalize; but can be a nice touch. If you take the time to make your message a little more personal it will go that much further with your recipient. You don’t need to go into strenuous detail, just put in something small for each person so they know you care.

Don’t be too wordy.

Stick to the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Saints. Especially when you are sending it out in bulk, you don’t want to overdo it. Not only will you strain yourself, your recipients will not want to read long wordy cards. Keep it down to a couple sentences.

Make sure you have nice handwriting or pick a legible font.

There is nothing worse than the frustration of straining to read a card. If your recipients can’t read your writing or font the message will be lost in the presentation. You put a lot of effort into this card, you don’t want it to be for not because the card is illegible. If you are choosing a font, pick one that is clean and crisp. We suggest staying away from fonts like Vivaldi or other gothic script fonts that are hard to read.

Stick to a classic greeting card.

Everyone has different tastes, so remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – your recipient. Presentation is everything, so pick a card that says who you are while still looking classic or elegant. Try for something simple.

Remember that these kinds of touch points are important to your clients, friends and family. If you show them they are top of your mind, you’ll be top of theirs. If you are looking for some ways of reaching out to keep people thinking about you, check out our website.