We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones enjoyed the holiday season and are looking forward to an amazing  year in 2022.

Did you know that prior to the establishment of the “Christmas presents” culture, gift giving for the New Year was practiced in many countries around the globe? Let us not be mistaken, the holiday season is beautiful in its inspiration to go above and beyond to bring joy to those you love, however, consider this: how great would it be to take those same sentiments into the New Year with gifting that offers the hope of a prosperous and peaceful year filled with love and kindness?

The calendar year offers many opportunities to give with its climactic period taking place in the heart of December. Our job here at The Gift Designers, is to inspire you to create memorable moments through unique gifting experiences and while we would not downplay the significance of the holiday season, nor its cost, we would encourage you to look beyond it and dive into this new year with hearts full of gratitude, ready to strengthen and build one another in whatever capacity you are able.

As we continue to persevere through challenging times, imagine the joy of both giving and receiving a small, meaningful token that radiates warm sentiments for the new year. Let’s get ahead of 2022 and saturate our communities, friends and loved ones with hope, joy, and peace!






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