So we have had hot cocoa, and we were gracious enough to share with the kids 😉. Now, tea is all ours adults!! Let’s talk about how we can make it a little “extra” this holiday season! Some of us may spike our coffee from time to time,  but for the tea drinkers out there, how do we make tea a little more exciting? Can we actually spike tea? We at The Gift Designers have investigated and we are here to tell you that you certainly can!

What first comes to mind when we think “spiked tea” is the classic Hot Toddy.  Usually made with whiskey, hot water, honey and lemon, this warm beverage was made to relieve cold and flu symptoms. Can we not assume that the same would apply to spiked tea as well? Yes, we think so! Here is a comprehensive list of the best tea and alcohol pairings for you to try this holiday season!

Black Tea & Rum

Green Tea & Whisky

Mint Tea & Rum or Bourbon

Chamomile Tea & Gin or Vodka

Chai Tea & Rye Whisky or Irish Cream

Earl Grey & Bourbon

Any of these combinations will have you feeling all of the warmness and fuzzies inside! If you are going to indulge and try any of these lovely tea cocktail recipes, do write us because we want to hear all about it and of course, you will find a lovely selection of tea in some of our best holiday gifts. Enjoy! 😊