Written by Courtney Molyneux:

My Grandfather didn’t share many stories of his service during World War II. He agreed to write down his military postings in our family Bible and some of the Grandchildren caught glimpses of medals that he had tucked away. He mentioned time as an Infantry Signaler and using familiar melodies as part of his Morse Code training. 

Last year a family member found a beautiful letter sent to my Grandfather after he’d returned home to Canada. The letter was from a family he stayed with in Holland at the time of its liberation. The bond they developed during his time with them was obvious and the gratitude palpable.  

I’m honoured to know that his life was a gift to this family and many others as he served his country. Of the character traits I gravitate to; the primary trait is service. I watch for people who are quick to help and am always moved by people who sacrifice to ensure that others can thrive.  

This month we say Thank You to those who sacrificed and served as well as those who continue to serve. Nominate a Veteran or current member of the military by posting to our Facebook page. Share a story, or your own special memory and we will draw a name on November 10th for a custom gift basket worth $100.  

Our Local Charity of the Month is the Veteran’s Association Food Bank. Consider donating to this cause when you make a purchase through our website.

Or go directly to their website to learn more about the important service they offer and give directly.