when you don't know what to give

Each of us has had friends and family experience difficult times. Perhaps it’s discouragements & disappointments, difficult days or unfortunately even medical issues or death. We want to be there for our loved ones, but we often don’t know what to give.  What can we do in times of loss that will lighten their load, or brighten their day?  If you’re like us, sometimes one can feel at a loss and a bit helpless.

It isn’t easy or obvious about what to do, what to say, or what to give.  Often all that we can do is make sure they hear, “I’m thinking about you, and I’m here for you.” Here are just a few tips that we’d like to share as a reminder when you don’t know what to give.

Don’t Get Hung Up on the Timing

Calendar sympathy gifts

Many gifts are time-sensitive. Sending a birthday gift six months after the birthday is a bit of a faux pas. However, when it comes to showing that you care, there is no time limit. A simple, “you’re in my thoughts” can be sent at any point. Be mindful of the chaos that could be surrounding your loved one, but remember, you are reaching out to connect. That is timeless. 

As an example, at The Gift Designers, we hear a sense of guilt from Guests who are perhaps disappointed when they didn’t get a gift out immediately at the time of a funeral. During times of sympathy, we have seen the impact that sending a gift later can have. When all other gifts have come and gone, your expression of love shows up, reminding them that you have not forgotten them. 

You Don’t Have to Go Big

A common mistake when giving a gift is to go too big. When dealing with stress or grief, the last thing you want is to give an inappropriate gift. You can’t measure your relationships by gifts given, so focus on the person and the message. Show your respects through gifts that speak to the person and their situation.  If you really wish to spend a certain amount, what if you divide your budget into 2 gifts, two touchpoints?  The reminder here is tied directly to the next tip.

It’s About the Thought

when you don't know what to give
sympathy gifts

“It’s the thought that counts.” Though it’s an old saying, its truth remains. Don’t forget that you are gifting to show that you care. The purpose of your gift is to connect with the people that are on your mind the most. Don’t get lost in the choices or the unknown outcomes. Respect preference and the situation your recipient is in, however, be mindful that your actions are strictly to say, “I care.”

It is hard seeing loved ones hurting. All we can do is be there and let them know it.

If you’re looking for help expressing your sentiments or to help you say “I’m thinking about you”, let us help you foster your relationships and share your sentiments.  Visit www.thegiftdesigners.com