The world of whiskey is a wonderland that is diverse and beautiful but for someone new to this drink there can be a lot of overwhelming details that might intimidate you. Where do you start when diving into the world of whiskey!? What glass do you use, how do you know when to dilute, which type; Scotch, Irish, Single Malt and Blend to Bourbon and Rye, is right for you?

Here are some beginner steps to set on the right track to both understanding and appreciating this fascinating beverage. First off in this lesson is understand what whiskey is made of. Whiskey is the generic term given to distilled spirits made from grain mash. Bourbon, Rye and Scotch are all types of whiskey; as such they are all similar in taste and appearance. The difference between the types of whiskey depend on the types of grain used, the location in which it was distilled, the length of ageing and the type of casks used in the process. For example: Scotch cannot be made outside of Scotland.

While it’s wonderful to know the basics we thought in honour of Whiskey Day, May 16th, we’d dig a little deeper into this dynamic drink. We went straight to our local source, Willow Park Wines & Spirits! Thanks to our Trusted Expert in Scotch, Darryl Corbett, we gleaned the following information to share with those wanting to have a better appreciation for Whiskey, “When you’re buying a whiskey and it’s inside a tube or a box, pull it out and take a look. The colour can tell you so much about it, whether it’s a bourbon cask, sherry cask, first fill or 4th fill. The Trusted Experts at Willow Park Wines & Spirits would be happy to tell you how to judge the whiskey by it’s colour.

If you’re at a whiskey tasting and you’re having trouble discerning the aromas, there’s always a chance someone near you is wearing cologne. So put a couple of drops of the whiskey in your palm, rub your palms together and cup your hands under your nose. Problem solved!”

With this insight it is time to take a trip to Willow Park, chat with more experts on-site, and delve into this wonderland drink that is celebrated as the Water of Life.

We are excited to raise a dram on May 16th!

Get ready to celebrate with this incredible basket!