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The Gift Designers exists to empower women and gives to the local and global community through organizations such as Opportunity International and Women for Women International, and the organizations listed below.

Donation Requests

As you can imagine we regularly receive requests for donations of gifts and gift baskets.  Although we wish we could say ‘Yes’ to each and every request, we must follow a donation budget and cannot respond affirmatively to each and every one.

How can your request get top priority?
Although we will consider all requests, your request will receive higher priority if it matches our passion of sponsoring organizations that empower women in need.  All requests for donations should be submitted here.


Noreen Ward, Owner & Chief Designer

Local Charity of the Month

100% of what you donate will be given directly to the charity of the month.  We will pay any admin or processing fees for your donation.

Each month one of our Team gets to choose a charity that is close to their heart, and we will feature this charity here on our website and on social media.  You will also have the opportunity to support this charity by donating in the cart before you proceed to the checkout.

December 2021 – The Alex Community Food Centre

The Alex Community Food Centre (CFC) offers education and engagement programs to low-income community members in the Greater Forest Lawn area. We aim to improve overall health and social connections through community meals, peer support, food and garden skills classes, and more. It’s an innovative, results-oriented solution that strives to tackle seemingly intractable problems like hunger, poverty, and poor health, and make real change in our community.


November 2021 – Veteran Voices of Canada


Veterans Voices of Canada  became a registered charity in June of 2011 and honours both past and present Veterans throughout the year. This organization travels coast to coast to document our Canadian military Veterans on camera for history and education, to be donated to schools, museums and libraries. To date, the stories of over 1500 Veterans have been documented with many more waiting to be told.


October 2021 – Young Women of Power (YWOP)

Young Women of Power’s (YWOP) vision is to see a future where EVERY young woman feels empowered and has the confidence to make her dreams a reality. Through school assemblies, conferences, workshops, podcasts and mentorship programs YWOP is inspiring female greatness by empowering young women to embrace who they are, so they know the strengths they carry as women and the valuable contribution they make in society. Help us instill a healthy sense of female pride in every young woman.


September 2021 – Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre

The Pregnancy Care Centre in a non-profit charity offering pregnancy and family support for those in challenging situations. As a resource centre, we can answer questions, present options, give agency referrals, and provide practical and emotional support through the initial stages of pregnancy beyond.



August 2021 – Making Changes

Advancing futures for women. TOGETHER. For over 30 years, Making Changes has helped thousands of Calgary women and teen girls transform their lives to overcome barriers, open doors and create their own paths. With the help of over 250 dedicated volunteers and 100 referral partners, Making Changes’ mission is to help women and their families through life transition by providing them with the skills and resources to support their pursuit of meaningful work and educational opportunities.


July 2021 – Alberta Cancer Foundation

 As the fundraising partner with the 17 cancer centres in Alberta, including the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary – the Alberta Cancer Foundation understands patients and their families. Through their partnership with the cancer centres, they are uniquely positioned to accelerate breakthroughs and bring results to patients faster.

June 2021 – Calgary Drop-In Centre

The Drop-in Centre welcomes adults at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Working collaboratively, they provide access to a spectrum of care that supports each person’s transition to the most independent living possible—including emergency shelter, programs and services, and affordable and supported housing



May 2021 – MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving)

MADD is an organization that assists victims and their families when they have been adversely affected by drunk driving. They also work as a preventive means to bring awareness to the public about the dangers of impaired driving which is on the rise in Canada, and has the second highest impaired driving charges of any other modernized country in the world


April 2021 – The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is a safe and supportive place where individuals experiencing barriers associated with poverty and homelessness can have their physical needs met in the short term. In the long term, the process to heal and grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for a better life down the road can begin


March 2021 – Kids Cancer Care

Kids Cancer Care is a registered Canadian charity that has been supporting Alberta families facing childhood cancer for more than 25 years. The foundation offers programs at no cost to families, including 1. Research and Hospital; 2. Camp and Outreach; and 3. Education Support and Scholarship programs. Kids Cancer Care’s programs are designed to address the life-long physical and mental health challenges that come with childhood cancer

February 2021 – Heart Beats

The Heart Beats Children’s Society of Calgary is a grass roots registered charitable organization offering information, resources and emotional support to area families dealing with congenital heart disease. Since 1987, they have been a willing collective of experienced parents, caregivers and professionals offering themselves in practical and compassionate service to the children and their families impacted by CHD

January 2021 – Calgary Food Bank

The Calgary Food Bank is the first line of emergency food support for families and individuals facing crisis. Once the food emergency is addressed, they refer food bank clients to their proven partner agencies and programs. Their deep collaboration and food support to hundreds of other charitable organizations that address the root causes of food insecurity aligns with their mission to work with our community to fight hunger

December 2020 – Next Step Ministries

Next Step Ministries walks alongside women exiting sex trafficking and sexualized exploitation here in Calgary through their four programs: Outreach, Housing, Day Program and Follow Care. They exist to empower women to break the cycles of abuse, addiction and trauma in their lives and while discovering their identity and moving towards their own goals and dreams.

November 2020 – Veteran’s Association Food Bank

Veteran’s Association and Food Bank is designed to relieve poverty by providing food and basic fundamental needs for Veterans and their families. Thier goal is to promote a stable environment for Veterans affected by loneliness, isolation, addiction, mental health or other health related issues with peer support programs and social activities.  Their Association provides a safe and welcoming environment for all Veterans, building a community of Veterans helping Veterans.

October 2020 – EvenStart Foundation

The EvenStart for Children’s Foundation is a local charity that has provided service to children from backgrounds of trauma, for over 20 years.  We serve 240 children a year (ages three to five), from severe poverty, who are ‘at risk’ due to the effects of neglect, abuse, domestic violence, and other forms of trauma.   Each Christmas season, we prepare hampers for almost 200 of the families.

September 2020 – Calgary Humane Society

Calgary Humane Society was established in 1922 as Calgary’s first-established animal welfare organization, connecting the lives of animals and people while providing essential animal services to the community. They get a lot of animals through the doors at Calgary Humane Society, and of all those animals deserve a second chance at love and life.


Sponsorship History

Peer Support Services for Abused Women (PSSAW) : Calgary

PSSAW is provides support, resources and referrals to women and children affected by domestic abuse. Trained volunteers facilitate community-based peer support in co-operation with participants. Self-directed change and independence are fostered in a caring and safe environment. All women and children are welcome regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

PSSAW is a non-profit society whose mandate is to provide a support system for women who have experienced abuse or are at risk of experiencing abuse.

You can learn more on their website.  You can donate there or you can choose to donate when you purchase your gift basket.

Canadian Red Cross

Like so many other Albertans, during the time of the floods of Southern Alberta we too watched and wondered what to do. At that point in time we committed a percentage of our revenue during the months of July, August & September to go to the Red Cross as they put into action their experience.

In addition to a percentage of our revenue, we gave our Customers a chance to donate $1 – 5 with every online order. Together we raised $3981.04 for the Red Cross and their efforts with the floods in Southern Alberta.  Thank you!

During this time we had some fun with our Customers as well, as we collected stories during Thanksgiving for a Turducken Food Hamper Gift Basket Giveaway.  Learn more here.

Women for Women:

We have the opportunity to Sponsor a Woman from Nigeria through Women for Women International (her name is purposely marked out for privacy).  Helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives.  To learn about this great organization visit www.womenforwomen.org  Indirectly as you purchase from The Gift Designers you also are a supporter of our Nigeria friend monthly

Walk in Her Shoes:

The Gift Designers Team is particpating in a “Walk in Her Shoes” fundraising campaign to be reminded of the life that women have in other countries.  We will be committing to walk 8,000 steps for 8 days as this is what an average woman may walk just to have food/water for her children.  If you are interested in learning about this program, or wish to donate, please visit: https://careca.convio.net/site/TR/Events/General?team_id=2050&pg=team&fr_id=1090

Our Team Name is:  The Basket Cases  =)

All money is raised through Care.ca and is distributed to help woman, girls and their families.  Money raised will help CARE support poverty-fighting projects that provide safe education, health care, sustainable food, clean water, life-saving emergency assistance and economic development opportunities.

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