HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for your continued business as we work to serve you, valued family & colleagues.
We are so grateful for your support.

Do you feel excited when you bring joy to someone else? Would you like to work as a Gift Designer!?

As Gift Designers, we foster relationships and bring joy to others daily. We are looking for individuals that would be the perfect fit for our team, culture and company values.

Keep reading to learn more about working at The Gift Designers!

Currently Accepting Applications for:

Designer of Memorable Moments


Other Positions:

There are no open positions at this time. However, we encourage you to reach out if interested in working with us in the future.




Seasonal Positions:

During the busy seasons, we require support to help accomplish an increase in the order volume. Therefore, we need additional people to help during these seasons.  For example, our seasonal team helps with gift designs & making baskets, packaging products, counting & stocking inventory, cleaning, and recycling, etc.

Who is the best fit for seasonal employment?  The ideal candidate for a seasonal position is flexible, team-focused, teachable, able to lift boxes (5 – 25lbs) and can be on their feet for several hours. 

So, if you’re interested in being on our contact list for seasonal positions, please email noreen@thegiftdesigners.com.


Are you interested in a License to The Gift Designers?

We want to share our services across the country and would love to chat about License Programs, thereby giving you the chance to start a division of The Gift Designers yourself! To be kept informed of this business opportunity, please email your contact information to noreen@thegiftdesigners.com.

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