Gift Ideas For Calgary REALTORS®

We understand the gift challenges of Calgary Real Estate Agents

A few things we understand about your business:

  1. We know it’s imperative that you spend your time helping your clients buy & sell homes.
  2. We know you love systems.  Yet, we also know that in the busy seasons your well thought out systems often fall apart because you’re focusing on the needs of your customers.
  3. We know that your business grows exponentially when clients refer you to others.

 Keep them coming back time ‘n time again

Since 2002 we’ve been helping Calgary REALTORS® with creative gift ideas to express their gratitude to Home Buyers & Sellers.  Over the years what we’ve learned from Agents is that our service is not gifts but Customer Loyalty and helping you build relationships that lead to repeat business and referrals.

  • Recognizing that a home owner (not a real estate investor) has a transaction every 4-5 years. A great deal of time lapses between transactions. How do you ensure that that home owner uses you on each and every transaction?
  • There’s some pain in the real estate industry in Calgary with 4000+  active REALTORS® all competing in the same market.  How does an Agent set themselves apart from the pack?
  • How do you stay top of mind?  How do you make a lasting impression?
  • Agents tend to have busy seasons followed by lulls.  How can you balance out the seasons so there isn’t the slow times?

Areas we best help real estate agents

How we help

We’ve been in this industry long enough to understand many aspects of your business but we’d like to learn about your specific needs and help you build a strategy that meets your unique business goals & ideas.

Gifting strategy

Let us take the guesswork out of your gifts. We will help you create a selection of baskets and gifts that fit your needs and are guaranteed to WOW within your required budget.


Your gifts can be completely unique to you. Tell us what you want to include and we will customize them with your needs in mind. They can include such items as personalized cards or business cards, customized ribbon, gift boxes or baskets, corporate promotional items (with your logo), or other special themes or requests.

Your own unique web page

gifts ideas for calgary realtors

We want to make ordering as easy as possible for your Team.  So if you like, we can create your own portal that includes only your special gift selections. Anyone you give access to, can come to the portal and place orders on your behalf. This might be your assistant, sales or customer service staff, etc.  Anyone with access can choose from your customized gifts and enter delivery details and any other special information we have set up for you. We will deliver the gifts for you and orders will be automatically billed to you or your company.

Contact Noreen to book a consult for your business.

We will be CLOSED on Monday, July 3, in observance of Canada Day. Any orders placed for that date will be processed for delivery on Tuesday, July 4. Thank you and Happy 150th Canada! Dismiss