Carmen’s Mind Over Matter – Healing Helpers!

A unique gift created by our very own Jr. Designer, Carmen!
The philosophy of my gift is based on personal experience of a family members long term stay in hospital. She would always document what medications she was taking and when and how much for reference. For the times her feet were cold she would have a pair of fluffy socks, but with the slippery floors the grippers gave her the stability she needed to get around. With the medications and the circulated air of the hospital she was constantly moisturizing her lips and sucking on hard candy. And we all know how many distractions and strange noises there are in a hospital so the sleep mask and ear plugs always came in handy for her to get some much needed rest. She would pass the time during the day by keeping her mind busy either doing a craft or challenging a puzzle. The bag is for easy transport of all these items and other gifts and personal belongings.
These are just a few things that I hope would make anyone in hospital or at home feel more comfortable in times of need.

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