Beverage Bucket Gift Basket

Give some Beer Love! This gift basket is built in a titanium bucket that will serve to keep future beverages chilled. To top it all off, you can choose if the recipient would prefer a savoury or sweet design!

Would your lucky recipient prefer Import or Gluten Free Beer? Consider upgrading your beer, including a bottle opener or adding a beer mug.

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Isolation Care package *

Have friends or family in isolation? If so, and if it’s helpful, we can add some practical items. As you are aware, stores are struggling to keep shelves stocked. We will do our best to accommodate your request assuming we can find the products when we shop for them, or select similar products. Please recognize that when we include any of these packages with your order we need may need to change the container to accommodate these items. We will pick the best container to fit the products.

Increase my budget please

Please add more like-minded products into my gift. I recognize that the container may need to change to accommodate additional items.

Savoury or Sweet, you pick! *

You’ve got a choice for the recipient of your gift, would they prefer savoury snacks with their beer or sweet?

Savoury Design: A variety 6 pack of our house beer (typically Calgary’s local beer) * Pretzels * Dipping Mustard * Potato Chips * Roasted Pistachios * Salt & Pepper Peanuts * Chocolate * Savoury treats

Sweet Design: A variety 6 pack of our house beer (typically Calgary’s local beer) * Chocolate Covered Nuts * Twizzlers * Salt Water Taffy * Gourmet Popcorn * Cookies * Chocolate Bars * Truffles * Chocolate Covered Malt Balls * Jelly Belly’s

Customize Your Basket

Writing on the tin

Would you like us to write a message on the tin to make this gift extra special? Type out a short inscription you would like us to write on the container

Custom Greeting Card – Choose Your Theme *

We include a standard postcard size greeting card at no charge, yet for $2 you can pick a themed postcard instead!

Take a peek at the card options here: