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After reading this job description, and wish to be considered please down the application form noted below & email it along with your resume.

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Ambassador of Memorable Moments

As an Ambassador of Memorable Moments of The Gift Designers you play an integral role in the Guest Experience.  The Ambassador continues to create memorable moments through the white glove delivery of each & every gift while being a representative of brand & culture of The Gift Designers while on the road. 

Job Description

The primary responsibilities of the Ambassador of Memorable Moments is to ensure that all gifts are delivered according to our Gift Designer process ensuring that all Recipients have an incredible experience adding on to the Guest Experience of the Purchasers of the gifts.  Equally important responsibilities our Ambassador will fulfill is the delivery and distribution of marketing materials, pick-ups from suppliers & clients, shopping for daily products required, liaison closely with the Order Desk, train & recruit drivers, help The Gift Designers increase exposure in the City of Calgary, be an Ambassador and promote The Gift Designers throughout the day and help grow the delivery service.

Attributes of the applicant for this position:

The Ambassador of Memorable Moments:

  • Is a big picture thinker, initiator and can adopt the vision of The Gift Designers and sees their role as key component of our brand and culture. 
  • Is passionate about ensuring all gifts are delivered in perfect form with a vision to create an experience for the recipient.
  • Will take full responsibility for their lives, their life results and exude the corporate philosophy of “Living Above the Line”.
  • Works to ensure that all tasks are completed to the company’s standards, and even more.
  • Is a Team player who invests in the fulfillment of the overall goals of the company which may include helping with gifts, recycling and other TGD Shop tasks as needed, particularly when driving is slow.
  • Lives with integrity – Do what you say you will do when you say you will do it.
  • Is conscientious; marketing minded, self-motivated, self-organized and a pro at time management.
  • Will always treat Guests, Recipients, Team and the Company’s time, energy and resources with the utmost respect. 
  • Is advanced in computer and mobile use and able to adapt to new technology and ideas.
  • Is able to train others and has excellent communication skills.
  • Is a teachable person, able to receive criticism and deliver criticism in a way that builds up the Team.
  • Has minimum of 1 year driving experience in the city of Calgary, including downtown, has a valid Alberta Driver’s License and has a squeaky clean driving record.
  • Is able to lift boxes & baskets regularly throughout the day, 25-40lb box.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing the delivery of all gifts.
  • Manage the Recipient experience & communicate with Purchasers.
  • Help with dispatch and delivery.
  • Manage the maintenance schedule of the Gift Mobiles.
  • Correspond regularly with Purchasers and Recipients of Gifts.
  • Shop daily at local stores & picking up of products from suppliers.
  • Deliver & distribute promotions & materials.
  • Recruit & train other Ambassadors, both temporary for replacement when absent and for the for the holiday season.
  • Actively engaged in marketing & promotion of TGD while on the Road.

** If you do not have a clean record or expect to smoke in the vehicle while driving you need not apply.  All gifts must be delivered in perfect form and smoking will not be tolerated in the vehicle at any time. **


Thank you for your interest in The Gift Designers Team!

Our Team is highly focused on helping our guests express their particular sentiments and we strive to be a support to our corporate customers in ways that will help them build their business.  We work to accomplish the goal of serving our valued customers together, as a Team.

If you are motivated to help a local business achieve its goals, have the ability to master the balance of a few different roles by helping out even at the Shop after being on the road, enjoy an ever changing environment and are wired to engage in a Team environment that strives to accomplish a Team agenda, please read on!  You just may be an ideal candidate for our Designer Team!

We want to ensure that we are a fit for one another.  Should you be interested in applying, please download and fill out our standard application form and submit your resume with drivers abstract to start the application process.

After reading this job description, and wish to be considered please down the application form noted below & email it along with your resume.

Application form (click here) and email to jobs@thegiftdesigners.com

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