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Dad Tips for a Meaningful Mother’s Day

All Dads: Please rise to this annual, big deal, you-only-have-one-chance-not-to-blow-it occasion called Mother’s Day. Although it may seem like another over-hyped, overpriced, obligatory calendar date, it actually means a lot to every mom out there (whether she says it or not!). So, to help you in the best way we can, here are some tips to make her day memorable and meaningful: What Mom really wants:

• To feel valued and appreciated.

It doesn’t have to break the bank; simple gestures and a little bit of thought that goes into her day will score you awesome points.

• Personalization.

Any touch of personalization – a handwritten card from the kids, a surprise to her favourite restaurant, a memorable keepsake, anything that will tug at her heart strings.

• A break from “Mom Duties”!

She works around the clock, and child-rearing is her full-time job. This is your chance to step up and give her some much-needed R & R. Whether it’s a break from the kids, a break from cooking and cleaning, letting her do NOTHING will make her so happy!

• A sleep-in morning.

Regardless of what you have planned for the day, do every mom a favour and let her sleep in for goodness’ sake! She’s always up at the crack of dawn with the babes. Do whatever it takes -- no matter how many kids are crying or fussing first thing in the morning – make a solid effort to take care of everything and let mom catch some extra zzz’s. Planning ahead ideas:

• Handmade and handwritten cards.

Bring out the crayons, markers, sparkles, glue, scissors, and help the younger kids make something beeeeutiful and designed from the heart. Give the older children more freedom to write what they want while encouraging them to express their affection for Mom.

• Kid video interviews.

Use your iPhone or smartphone to easily record snippets of your kids answering questions about Mom. Here’s an example of some awesome questions to ask them. This will probably bring some laughs and some tears to mom’s eyes. Kids certainly say the darndest things!

• A special surprise!

Organize a lunch out to a cute café for her and her girlfriend(s). Book an appointment to treat her feet and get a pedicure. Plan a picnic with the kids. Whether you have big plans or little plans, keep the entire day’s events a surprise and reveal as you go!

• A new tradition.

Come up with a new tradition that includes the whole family. Plant a new type of flower in the garden, or set up a time and place to do family photos on an annual basis. Something that mom can see how the kids grow throughout the years.

• Dinner out.

For most restaurants, Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year, so to secure a table at mom’s fave restaurant, you NEED to plan ahead and make dinner reservations! Put a reminder in your calendar so that you call a couple weeks ahead to do this, or better yet, use The Gift Designer’s FREE Reminder Service and sign up to get an email reminder! Last minute ideas:

• Breakfast in bed.

OK, this is a given. You can think ahead of your gourmet Mother’s Day smoked salmon eggs benedict, fruit flan and fancy espresso or mimosa. Or you can easily whip up a simple breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and toast. Depending on the age of your kids, it’s always nice to give them easy tasks in the cooking/ set up process and make them feel included.

• Acts of kindness vouchers.

Have the kids make some colourful coupons to give to mom to redeem anytime she wants! A free dishwashing coupon, put-your-toys-away coupon, a massage from dad coupon, one evening for a ladies’ night out coupon, one free big bear hug… anything you can imagine!

• Gifts and flowers.

What woman doesn’t love to be showered with flowers and gift goodies?! (Warning: I am about to plug an ad….)If it’s come down to crunch time, and you want to surprise her with something amazing (and little effort on your part), we can totally help you out with a day’s notice gift basket order! Chocolates, spa themed, wine & cheese… we got you covered!

• A store-bought card.

If you absolutely HAVE to buy a store-bought card, take the little ones with you and have them help pick it out. Don’t forget to have them sign it/draw in it and write a little heartfelt message to mom!

• A walk in the park.

Quality time doesn’t have to cost a cent. Gather up the family and go for a nice hike or walk to mom’s favourite park. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and quality time will do her soul good. Don’t forget that Father’s day is just around the corner, so set the bar high for things to come! For all of our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, click HERE. - The Gift Designers Team

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