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Dear Valued Guests, 

The Gift Designers will be closed Monday October 9th in observance of Thanksgiving. Please note that any orders placed during this closure will be addressed and processed upon our return, Tuesday October 10th.  

We are so very grateful for each of you, our valued guests and wish to extend to you all our warmest sentiments as you reflect and celebrate with treasured friends and loved ones. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

-TGD Team


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Flowers for Mother's Day!

Why is it so important to give flowers to your mom on Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is around the corner and if you are struggling with what to give mom, we are here to help! While you know that there are some gifts that MOM will definitely enjoy, giving flowers to your mom might be considered as a simple gift to you, but may yield a deeply meaningful impact for her.

Flowers are a sign of fertility and life, just like the beautiful gift of life that she gave to you. 

Flowers are fragrant and the beautiful fragrance that they emit not only makes your home smell like dreams, but it also can refresh the mind and bring a sense of calm, peace and relaxation. 

Flowers are non-materialistic. So many people tend to think that buying an expensive gift is what will bring overwhelming joy to the heart of their mothers when in fact, expensive, materialistic items do not hold weight in the way of meaning. Giving flowers symbolizes something far greater! Receiving a bouqet of flowers actually makes them immediately feel special and appreciated.

Flowers show that you care. Time and effort are required to chose the right flowers that will suit your mom just so! Your heart for her and your message are all about what the flowers symbolize rather than the flowers itself. 

When in doubt, flowers are an all around exceptional choice for Mother's Day. We just so happen to have some specially designed arrangemenst that smell divine and were created by our very own Supervising Designer, Roselyn Painter. Give us a call to give the meaningful expression of flowers to possibly the greatest woman in your life, that you will ever know!


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