Job Description

The primary responsibilities of the Designer of Memorable Moments are related to the Guest Experience & the Promotion of the Company.

Attributes of the applicant for this position:

  • The Designer of Memorable Moments is an initiator who, with clear targets, takes charge to accomplish the goals of this position. This representative is conscientious; has 1-2 years sales & marketing experience, is self-motivated, has excellent & current computer skills and is self-organized.
  • The Designer of Designer of Memorable Moments has an innate ability to treat all Guests, Team Members & the Company’s time, energy and resources with the utmost respect.
  • The Designer of Memorable Moments is a champion of the vision & culture of The Gift Designers. This representative is a Team player who sees the Team’s success as their own success, enjoys the flexibility of varied tasks, has above average communication skills and is efficient with Microsoft PC’s and Microsoft Office suite.

Key Responsibilities:

This role will be a weekly balance between Guest Services as well as Sales & Marketing.

Responsibilities include:

  • Master the Order desk to fulfill the design process of gifts and Guest requests,
  • Champion the maintenance of the Design Room,
  • Ensures that Guests receive The Gift Designer Experience with each and every encounter,
  • Runs with assigned sales & marketing efforts and strategies.

Responsible/Reports to: Supervising Designer of Memorable Moments

The role of the Designer of Memorable Moments:

Guest Services:

  1. Complete the Ordering System including receiving phone, email & ecommerce orders.  This is shared weekly with the Supervisor and will be the lead when the Supervisor is absent.
  2. Fulfill gift orders including creating baskets & arranging deliveries.
  3. Design Room Maintenance including inventory and tidiness & cleaning.
  4. Inventory including packaging of food, counting, stocking, cleaning and recycling.  Lifting is involved.  Boxes &/or baskets can weigh 25 – 40lbs

Company Promotion:

  1. Communication with our Guests including Thank you Letters, Birthday cards, Email campaigns and Customer follow up.
  2. Lead Generation which will include consulting during orders, warm calls to prospects and clients and cold calls.
  3.  Social Media, blogging, updates to the website and other areas of our social & online presence.
  4. Tracking and reporting as per company standards and policy.


Thank you for your interest in The Gift Designers Team!

Our Team is highly focused on helping our guests express their particular sentiments and we strive to be a support to our corporate customers in ways that will help them build their business.  We work to accomplish the goal of serving our valued customers together, as a Team.

If you are motivated to help a local business achieve its goals, have the ability to master the balance of a variety of roles including administration, guests services, marketing and gift design, enjoy an ever changing environment and are wired to engage in a Team environment that strives to accomplish a Team agenda, please read on!  You just may be an ideal candidate for our Designer Team!

We want to ensure that we are a fit for one another.  Should you be interested in applying, please complete our standard application form and submit your resume to start the application process.

To apply for this position, please fill out this application form (click here) and email to

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