Updated April 3, 2020: Covid-19 Isolation Package / Care Package Guidelines

To our valued Guests,

COVID-19 is impacting all of us. At The Gift Designers, we value our Team, their health & safety and the health & safety of their families.  We also value each and every one of you.  During this wild and uncertain adventure of COVID-19, we will continue to keep you & our Team our top priority.

The need to continually adjust is important.  The biggest change to our services noted on this page are related to our pick up service.  See below for the details.

We wish to serve you as you serve & care for others.

Everyone at The Gift Designers, and their families, remain healthy.  Because that is the case, and because we are a small office that is not open to the public, we have decided together to remain open, and serve you.   Should that change, we will update this notice.

We remain open with these contingencies in place:

Internally & effective March 5th we implemented these policies:

    • If anyone on the Team feels ill, they are directed to stay home.
    • All staff are using hand sanitization and we have strict handwashing policies in place.
    • Increased sanitization of, and frequency of, all surfaces such as design tables, doors & handles, taps, coffee station, scissors, phone, keyboards, etc
    • Washing door handles when couriers arrive.
    • Leave all shipments received for a min of 48 hours before we handle the boxes, or wipe down the boxes with sanitizer wipes.
    • Disposable hand towels only at all sinks.

Most of our food is pre-packaged at factories, and product arrived weeks ago long before COVID-19, however, in our food prep areas we implemented the following enhanced measures effective March 5th:

    • Only Staff feeling well and without sickness are allowed to do any food prep tasks.
    • Staff doing food preparation are required to wear a face mask and gloves while prepping food.
    • All surfaces are always cleaned according to AHS guidelines, however, we have increased the frequency and detail of these sanitization procedures.

Pick up Option

    • We offer the option of PICK up from our warehouse, however, with ongoing changes related to COVID-19 we have decided, in efforts to help protect those picking up as well as our own Team, to implement the following pick up guidelines:
      • The person arranging the pick up will provide to us an approx time frame for the pick up.
      • The person picking up the gift will call us upon arrival at our location.
      • The person pick up the gift will open their vehicle door or trunk and wait for us to head outside to meet them.
      • A member of our Team will put on gloves, bring out the gift, place in vehicle and close the door.
      • Should you wish to wipe down the exterior of the gift (ie. the cellophane) with sanitizer/wipes, we recommend you should do so.


Learn about our NEW Door Step Delivery Service

    • To protect our Ambassadors delivering your generous gifts, we are now screening each delivery when we call so that the Ambassadors are fully aware if anyone in the household is isolating.  If anyone in the household is there for isolation purposes we will follow these procedures with each delivery
      • The Ambassador will advise by text upon arrival
      • The Ambassador will leave the gift/care package on the front step & take a photograph.
      • The Ambassador will wait for the recipient to collect the gift/care package & then leave.
      • No signature will be required.
    • Our Ambassadors are equipped with gloves, masks & sanitizer should they feel they need to do so to protect themselves or others.
    • No signature is required for any gifts however we maintain our liquor license protocol (as directed by the AGLCB) that gifts with alcohol are only to be delivered to ppl 18 years of age or older.  There is a visual screening, even if from a distance, that all recipients of gifts with alcohol, are 25 years of ago or order.

Receiving Inventory

    • All couriers delivering to us no longer require signatures.   Many drop outside our door & simply knock.
    • Distance is being observed by us as well as the delivery personnel when packages arrive.
    • To protect our staff, any packages received into our warehouse are not touched for a min of 24 hours.  At that point, the package is wiped down, counted and shelves stocked.

Let’s stay positive together and work to be a beacon of light to one another on this path, as we move forward.

From our Team to you, we wish you health & safety!

Noreen, Roselyn, Carmen, Cherie & Lorraine



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