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Client Retention Program

Real Results

Did you know…

  • That 70% of clients forget their agent’s name after one year
  • Only 12% of clients go back to the previous real estate agent they had worked with
  • And 67% of clients take their business elsewhere because of perceived indifference?

How would it change your business if you could create meaningful touchpoints with your clients to increase the number of repeat and referral transactions you annually receive? Have you thought about implementing a client retention program in your business strategy?

We know that your repeat and referral business is important to you!

Are you ready to take your real estate business to the NEXT LEVEL?

Your Solution & Full Service Benefits

We offer a fully automated, comprehensive and personalized gifting client retention program, specifically designed for Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Brokers who value impactful connections & life long relationships with their Clientele.
referral business

  • Closing & anniversary gift automation
  • 3 comprehensive service levels
  • Opt-out at any time with NO penalty fees
  • Unlimited number of clients for a single annual fee
  • Easy, one-time online client data input
  • High-quality products, exceptional design and packaging
    standards, with quick turn-around time
  • Expert designers to consult with and service your needs
  • Full delivery service guaranteed to “Wow” your client
  • Experience in the real estate industry since 2002


The Gift Designers always has the absolutely-perfect-basket to suit the unique tenants that occupy our properties. Our tenants look forward to lease-renewal time so they can see what goodies arrive from The Gift Designers!

Kristal Heise, Mahalo Properties 06/12/2018


Increase your Client Loyalty and Repeat and Referral Business in 3 EASY STEPS!

CHOOSE your Service Level
CHOOSE your Anniversary Gift(s)

We’ll email you with a link to start enrolling your new clients into the automated program,
AND give you the option to enroll your past clients into the gifting cycle.
Sit back, relax, and let The Gift Designers do all the work for you!


*Each level includes design, maintenance and management of gifts as specified.
Product, gift, and delivery fees are additional and custom to your program.

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Annual Subscription
NOT per client
$129 $179 $249
Includes Management of: Closing Gift & 1st Year Anniv Gift Closing Gift & 1/3/5 Year Anniv Gift Closing Gift & Anniv Gift Every Year
PLUS these very special things: PLUS these very special things: PLUS these very special things:
Automation & Customization of Anniversary Gift Program*
(Pre-Designed Themes)

(Custom Themes)

(Custom Themes)
Customization of Closing Gifts
Full Client Care
Delivery Service with Personalized Message
Reminder Service for
Special Dates*
Easy Payment Options
and Order History Records
Sourcing and Storing of Promotional Items with Just-In-Time Inventory
Exclusive Member
Welcome Gift for you
Social Media

(2 Per Year)

(5 Per Year)
Special Pricing on
Branded Ribbon
5x $50 Pay It Forward
Gift Cards for you to give to others*

($250 Value)
Custom Team Website
to Streamline Order Process (for teams of 3+)


  • * Automation & Customization of Anniversary Gift Program:
    One-on-one consultation to create a custom theme for each year. Includes a monthly review of anniversary gifts, with the option to deselect clients from the list.
  • * Reminder Service for Special Dates:
    Your choice of reminder service for special dates via online, phone, text, or email.
  • * Social Media Mentions:
    To support you on social media, we will mention/tag you on Facebook/Twitter posts.
  • * $50 Pay It Forward Gift Cards:
    At 6 months into your membership, receive an initial 5 FREE $50 Gift Cards for you to give to any client for their use at our online store. Use as thank you/referral gifts or give to whomever you prefer!


Submit your sign-up form, and one of our expert Designers will contact you to set up a personal consultation, where you will meet to discuss your business goals, select your anniversary gifts, and create a personalized gifting program that will “Wow” every single client. It’s just that easy!

No, it is a single fee per year and there are no limits on the number of clients you enroll!

The Client for Life Program Fee covers the “behind-the-scenes” hours and work it takes to design, manage and maintain the gifts for all of your clientele. This includes data management, one-on-one consultation to design your program and gifts, keeping client info up-to-date, and overall automation of the system, including monthly reporting. The cost of products, gifts and delivery are additional costs and are based on what you want your program to look like. The best part is that YOU decide on your budget, and you’ll have as much or as little input as you like for your gift options within your chosen level of service.

Closing gifts can range in price, depending on your client, your transaction, and your preference. We encourage realtors to shift their mindset, and instead of spending $200-300 on a closing gift, spend $100-$150, and spread out the remainder of your budget towards anniversary gift touchpoints.

Anniversary gifts are typically $20-75, depending on the type of gift. The beauty of it is that you stay in control of your budget at all times, and you can vary the price points on each anniversary gift!

Part of the automated program is the system of generating the same anniversary gift for each client, tailored to the specific year that you give them out. Therefore, it will need to be the same set gift for every client of that year. We can, however, substitute parts of a gift if there are allergies or dietary restrictions indicated.

You can either select from our pre-designed gift baskets from our website, or phone/email us to design a personalized gift basket. When personalizing your gift, you provide the information on your client’s likes, dislikes, family, dietary/allergy needs, etc. And then from there, you can specify the types of items you’d like in the basket, OR leave it up to us to come up with a stellar design!

Click HERE to see our most popular closing gift ideas.

We have a variety of creative anniversary gift options for you to choose from, at different price points.

Click HERE to see our most popular pre-designed anniversary gift ideas.

We will provide a direct link to a simple form that you will fill out when you obtain a new client.

Click HERE to see an example of our Register Your Clients Form.

You stay 100% in control of your client gifting program. Prior to the start of each month, we will send you the client list to make any changes/updates/deletions to their personal information. You will be responsible to contact your client if their information requires updating.

Our full Client Care delivery service includes contacting your client one day ahead of the delivery to ensure that they are there to receive it. We usually suggest delivering to their workplace so that all their colleagues see what the special gift is and who it’s from! (That way you look amazing!). Don’t worry – when we call ahead, we say “Someone has purchased a gift for you…”, and that way it stays a surprise until they receive it.

For sure! If you prefer to deliver the gift yourself, you can pick it up from our office. Shipping to your home or office is also an option. Delivery charges apply.

We always aim to get the gift delivered either on or as close to the anniversary date as possible (considering we are closed on weekends and holidays). Delivery is also subject to us contacting your Client and finding a date that works best for them at their place of choice (work or home), to make it as convenient for them as possible.

We will keep you up-to-date with our advanced notification system:

1) You will receive an email the morning of the arranged delivery date
2) You will receive another email once the gift has been delivered
3) You may even receive a photo of the recipient with their gift if they allow!

Typically, we only need 1 business days’ notice to create the gift, unless it requires custom shopping products.

Absolutely! We provide a standard template card with your message printed on it. Or you can drop off your own written cards at the start of the year for all your clients, which adds a nice, personal touch.

We guarantee that your gift will arrive in PERFECT form. While we don’t offer exchanges or refunds on custom gifts, we do offer exchanges or store credit on our pre-designed gift themes. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your gift, please let us know and we will do our absolute best to make it up to you!

Not at the moment, but this is something that we have been looking into offering in the near future!

Yes, if you already have your own promotional products, we have Just-In-Time inventory where we store and keep track of your items free-of-charge. (Please note that we are limited in space, and will have some restrictions based on our capacity for holding inventory. An agreement will also be required for insurance purposes.)

We also source quality and unique promotional items, and highly recommend that you include a branded item of sorts in your gifts to stay relevant and top-of-mind in your client’s homes.

Click HERE to see our most popular promotional items for real estate agents.,

Yes, this would be a smart move for any realtor who wants to create a meaningful touchpoint with a client they haven’t spoken to in months or years. Typically, realtors are going back into their database at least one year, but you can go back further if you like. Once you send us your client database in a spreadsheet, we will enter them into the anniversary gift cycle, starting at the beginning.

You can opt out at any given time, with no penalty. However, no refunds will be issued for your annual membership fee. Any gifts already delivered will be charged accordingly.

Once you have paid the initial program fee, your credit card will get billed monthly for your closing and anniversary gifts that have already been shipped.

This is the PERFECT time to sign up! No need to put your past clients into the anniversary gift program if you’re not ready for that yet, but you can begin to save valuable time by setting the system up so that your new clients are automatically entered into the cycle (and you won’t need to start paying for anniversary gifts until next year).

Contact us at customer-service@thegiftdesigners.com or 403-201-5021 and we’d be happy to help!

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